We offer metalwood and "wood" wood refinishes and touch-ups

  The colors and finishes we use are high quality and durable as OEM models

 SEND US YOUR CLUBS FOR REFINISHING: 4308 Bryant Ave South, Mpls MN 55409   

We encourage you to ship your clubs to us for refinishing. Write us an e-mail at Place "Refinish" in the subject line and be sure your message includes the make, model and color choice of your club, along with your e-mail address and daytime phone number.

Standard metalwood and "wood" wood refinishes are $45 and $55 respectively, plus return shipping via USPS Priority Mail. 

Generally, metalwood refinishes are very straightforward. However, wood refinishes often come to us with extra work required, so your final estimate is not determined until we have your club in hand. We try and save metalwood decals whenever possible. 

We do not charge your credit card until the work is completed and your club is ready to ship back to you. 

EXTRA SERVICES: We can also regrip or reshaft your club while we're refinishing the head. You can even send us your own shaft and grip and we'll assemble it professionally for you. Ask about these services in your e-mail. 

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove heads from shafts when you send your clubs to us. (Golf retailers usually have extra shipping cartons you can use)

WHEN YOU SHIP your clubs it is important to include WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS detailing the work you want done: color, shaft, flex, length, grip, loft and lie specs, etc. We want your order to be completed correctly and promptly.

WHERE YOU SHIP: Golf Club Hospital, 4308 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55409



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 Bright Blue.JPG (32240 bytes) :

-We will approximate original color or choose any color from above display.

-Allow 10 to 14 days in the shop, plus 3-4 days shipping time.

-$45 charge


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From Wayne S. of West Warwick, Rhode Island:


Thank you for such a wonderful job on my Taylor Made 360 Driver. I will be sending you my other driver Ping G10 460 Stiff Shaft for Touch-Up. Please refinish same color...the face and crown.  



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-Eliminates ugly "sky ball" marks.  

-Refinishes the FACE and CROWN only.

-Allow 10 to 14 days.  

-$35 charge

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  ClevelandTouchup1.JPG (127295 bytes) ClevelandTouchup4.JPG (105739 bytes)


From Tom S. of Clarksville, Maryland: 


I just wanted to thank you on the great job you did on these drivers. I think you can count on seeing many more from me in 2009. I am impressed with your work, your honesty and your prompt shipping. So many people try to tack on extra cost and add to the shipping. 

You're a straight guy who does excellent work. And did extra work without charging....looking forward to a great year and a great business relationship.

All the best,



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-We can refinish most putters with paint ($45) or a sandblast ($40) style.

-Allow 10 to 14 days.

-PAINT refinish:

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-SANDBLAST refinish:

 OdysseyPutter2.JPG (64470 bytes) OdysseyPutter1.JPG (61997 bytes)
 CameronPutter3.JPG (63959 bytes) CameronPutter4.JPG (71949 bytes)

-Basic refinish is $55 per club, includes new decals and rewhipping.  

-We can match the color stain, or stain with darker colors, but woods cannot be stained with lighter colors.  

-Extra charges, if necessary, are $5 to 7.50 for repairs such as resetting face insert or soleplate, face renewal, head tightening and stamping restoration.  

-Allow up to 5 weeks. 









From Roger S. of Cullman, Alabama: 


I received my Ping 3 wood in the mail today and I am very well pleased. YOU DO ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC WORK MY FRIEND!

I can�t even tell the club head has been refinished. You will definitely be helping my future game, because I know if I get any more �dammit� marks, all I have to do is send the club to you for a quick fix.

You will be hearing from me again.

Thanks again,















     Hickory-shafted woods and irons can be reconditioned, contact us for info

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